Thursday, June 2, 2011



Thursday, March 24, 2011



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Upside down

A mixed feeling is what i am having,
I made every decisions in a blink,
Thought this is how i do the recovering,
In fact,it's all just end up ruining.

U tried ur best to gain my trust,
U noe this is a must,
U gave me times and as times pass,
I realised that i made everything too fast.

I used to love you more than how much you love me,
Now,you are taking over job of Ho Siong Kee,
U see what i used to see,
I shud be happy but why i dun like how u be?

Perhaps,i prefer to be de one who love u more than how you do,
I feel so much comfortable that way though it looks fooled,
I hope you don't boo,
I wish i can sort this out in a pleasant way but i have no clue.

Though i noe i dun wanna be with you,
But i think of you almost everyday still,
I duno why or how but this is how i feel,
Guess....I still love you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

After all.....

Both of us done so many mistakes,
Yet,we can't forgive each other for our own sakes,
What have i done to you is so fake,
The love i give u now you never wanna take.

I have finally came to my last decision,
I wanna work out this mission,
Thinking this will be my only vision,
After all,i din know that what you want is fission.

Talking in da fon like a mad cow,
Desperately wanna settle everything by now,
You give me nothing but a bow,
And you end up everything by saying ''ciao''.

I feel so helpless,
I never knew this thing can be so hopeless,
What u you said makes me burst,
I just wish one day you would make me first.

The memories tell me what i need,
I never realised when my thinking was like a kid,
That's nothing but just a lil bit,
I need you to make my life fit.

I made it so many years,
Both of us made up so many cheers,
I hope i can make it happen again without any fears,
What i wish is just a word from you,Dear.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Gotta Feelings

The crowds fill up the emptiness in the morning,
Peoples walking,Peoples running,Peoples joking,
The sorrow appears when there is couples dating,
I could not hold my tears from downpouring.

You are slipping away from my happy's day.
I gotta feelings that you are not going to stay,
I wish i can bid back all the feelings from e-bay,
No matter how much that i am gonna pay.

Smiling and laughing to show how well i can hide in da morning,
These are all what i am pretending,
Peoples supporting,Peoples cheering,Peoples consoling,
All these are not working,My life isn't sparkling.

When the clock turns 12 in da nite,
I am scared of how my dreams of you would bite,
I feel so not right,
My tears and my loneliness haunt me and i cant hide.

Its just a wrong time with the right gurl,
"How can i solve this prob,Sire?"
I am helpless yet i am annoying but i hope u dun jeer,
I dun wanna have the losin's fear.

We just keep getting farther,
Getting back together is the matter,
I dun wan what we are now coz it taste bitter,
I will have my father to take this problem over to settle.

The flow of life just drive me crazy,
Everything is going on the opposite ways so horribly,
All these things are so tiring and makes me lazy,
Why cant i just have a simple life with you,Denny?

Sacrifice too much for a bright future,
End up me here full of gesture,
Looking up how we took the sweet picture,
I wanna say I am just lackluster.

We used to give''high five'',
Whenever we had something in common to strive.
I still need you in ma life,
Wishing you would be ma wife,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Never be the same again.

Your heart is empty,
You feel that you are so pity,
Try to fill those emptiness,so you are being filthy,
Are you living with guilty?

I never put any hope,no more.
Walking out from this love door,
Maybe you are still dancing on this dance floor,
Why dun you find a new pal?What you waiting for?

Many unanswer questions filll my mind,
This seems like a good sign(for me),
With that,i think i found the answers making me fine,
Though i not yet put myself across the safety border line.

Auntie Anne's Pretzels' flood my olfactory nerve,
Taiwan Shilin makes me think of how we spent our loves,
Accompany you everyday using my Blackberry Curve,
Everything that i had done for you,i feel so worth.

Mango's pants makes you looks so good,
I can remember Nando's is your favourite food,
Forever 21's dresses enhance your shopping mood,
Puma's shoes are what you like to be on your foot.

I have to let go everything,
I should not keep struggling,
I will show you people,peeps,
That i was never the type of kid.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When i shiver

I told myself that i am gonna be strong,
I hope what i said gonna last long,
What i said is not playing ping-pong,
I am gonna make it by listening to eminem's song.

I was crying,i will be crying,i am crying,
I wonder how your life is going,
These things come to me when you are missing.

I was punching my fist on the wall,
I cant imagine how this relationships fall,
How i wish that you will call,
How nice if love matters are in the law.

Do you noe how much the words you said means?
I surrender and you know that you win,
I try to heal myself with cool mints,
I carve your name on my favourite pint.

The decision i made makes me suffer,
This is not the way you prefer,
But i noe this will make you happier in future,
Don't blame me for being so cruel.

Afraid the moment we gonna meet,
You and your boyfriend might be having a seat,
Talking about how much you gonna love your kid,
To me,this is gonna be a real big hit.

I promise i will be alright,
I will fight,
Dun worry,I have a big torchlight,
I am sure it will shine my life bright.

I am sure you will forget me very soon,
You will get a new looney toon,
He is gonna heal your wound,
Anyway,i will always think of you when i look at the moon.